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The annual conference of the Australasian Society of Legal Philosophy will be hosted by the NZ Centre for Legal and Political Theory and Auckland Law School at the University of Auckland from 6-7 July 2023.  Keynote lectures will be delivered by Professor Ruth Chang (Oxford) and Professor Martin Krygier (UNSW). The subject of this year’s book symposium will be Responsive Judicial Review: Democracy and Dysfunction in the Modern Age by Rosalind Dixon (UNSW).


*** Conference registration is now open.  Please register here.  ***

The aim of the ASLP Conference is to provide a forum for the discussion and debate of a range of issues in legal theory, broadly defined. It is by no means restricted to analytic legal philosophy, and the involvement of participants from other disciplines is strongly encouraged. Philosophical or theoretically oriented papers from any field of legal inquiry are welcomed.

A small workshop for PhD candidates will be held before the conference. The workshop provides PhD candidates with the opportunity to receive feedback on work in progress on any topic in legal theory in a supportive and collaborative environment.

If you are thinking about attending the ASLP conference in Auckland, you may be interested to note two other conferences taking place in New Zealand within the same time period:


Please contact Nicole Roughan or Arie Rosen with any enquiries about the conference.

Group Photo - ASLP 2018.jpg

ASLP Members at the 2018 Annual Conference at Bond University.

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