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About the Journal

The Journal of Legal Philosophy is an international journal publishing theoretical work relating to law and legal studies. It continues the Australasian Journal of Legal Philosophy, which has been published continuously for more than 30 years. The JLP is published by Edward Elgar Publishing in partnership with the Australasian Society of Legal Philosophy. 


The JLP aims to be inclusive, innovative and socially engaged. Its main focus is on legal philosophy or jurisprudence, but it also publishes work in ethical, political and social theory that considers questions relevant to law. It encompasses analytical jurisprudence, socio-legal theory, and critical and continental perspectives, as well as applied work in normative jurisprudence and theoretical studies of specific fields of law.

Unlike some other journals in the field, the JLP welcomes theoretical work on the law of particular nations, provided that it raises wider questions that will interest readers from other jurisdictions. The JLP has a strong and diverse international editorial board and takes an efficient and author-friendly approach to the submission process. 

For more information about the JLP please visit the journal's webpage.


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