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AJLP Style Guide

The following style guide is for the Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy, a publication of the Australian Society of Legal Philosophy.


Style in the Journal conforms generally to Enid Campbell’s and Gretchen Kewley’s Presentation of Legal Theses (3rd ed, Faculty of Law, Monash University, 1996). Footnotes are referenced accordingly, although Harvard-style text notes are also acceptable.



Title heading

  • Arial 18 pt, centred, bold, title case


Author's name

  • Arial 14 pt, centred, bold, all CAPS


Text headings

  • Arial 14 pt, left, bold, sentence case



  • First paragraph: Times New Roman 11pt, justified, line spacing 12 pt, spacing 6 pt after.

  • Second paragraph: as first paragraph, indent first line 1cm.



  • ‘’ surround quotations in text;

  • ""surround quotations within quotations;

  • No quotation marks around indented formatted quotations (substantial quotations).

  • Font style: Times New Roman 10 pt, justified, left 2cm, right 1.92 cm, line spacing single, spacing 6 pts. after.



  • Do not use full-stops after initials, acronyms, abbreviations and contractions.

  • Use italics for emphasis and for publication titles and legislative instruments.

  • ‘Quotation marks close a quotation before punctuation, unless the punctuation appears in the quotation'.

  • Use an ellipsis ... for omission of material in a quotation.

  • Use (sic) for errors in a quotation.





Within the text, use automatic footnotes with the footnote number placed after the punctuation.1


Reference styles are as follows:




1 Andrei Marmor, Interpretation and Legal Theory (1992) 171.


Edited collection


2 Judith Shklar, ‘The Liberalism of Fear' in Nancy L Rosenblum (ed), Liberalism and the Moral Life (1984) 5.




3 Paul F Campos, ‘A Text is Just a Text' (1996) 19 Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy 327.


4 Ibid 328. (Same as immediately preceding footnote but from a different page.)


5 Ibid. (Reference exactly the same place as the immediately preceding footnote.)


6 Author's name, above n note number, page number. (Not immediately preceding footnote, eg: Campos, above n 3, 330.)




7 Commonwealth v Tasmania (1983) 158 CLR 1; Lonrho v Fayed (No 5) [1994] 1 All ER 188, 190.



8 Health Insurance Act 1973 (Cth), s 61(2).



If these notes on citation require supplementation, reference should be made to Melbourne University Law Review, Australian Guide to Legal Citation (3rd ed, 2010), available at

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